With the right time – the late night/early morning magic hours –  and with fine players in the room, often reconnecting after months or years, or meeting for the 1st time, you can bet on conviviality, and you can bet on some metaphysical, musical magic happening… The spirits take hold, the night-time mojo ebbs and flows through the room affecting each and every living cell, the stars align… Alchemy, fairy dust, synchronicity, call it what you will, but an electrically charged good time, and some incredible, spontaneous music, is usually in store. And perhaps, someone in the audience, or more than a few, digs it. And the language of Jazz continues to be spoken.

Back in 2011, I named these nights the ‘Late Night Jazz on OZ – All-Star Improv Jam Series’. This year marks our 6th. And we’re aware that at least two more venues have now subsequently, last year, also taken up the torch. That’s cool. Spread the love. It’s good for everybody. It’s good for Jazz. It’s good for live music in Toronto. And all that helps to make the world go ’round.

We thank TD Toronto Jazz Festival for championing this wonderful music all these years, and for bringing us on as an official venue back in 2012. And certainly, we thank the musicians, and the Jazz Gods out there… somewhere.

Watch for our 2016 dates soon. And, thanks for taking the time to read all this.



High Priest at The Painted Lady’s Church of Sound