The HOTTEST ticket in Toronto TONIGHT!  Tuesday, September 5th 2017!

LAL // Jonny Goood & The Triple O’s // Dammien Alexander

Doors 8:45, Music 9:30



“Bass-Hop” (classic rock & roll/funk meets rap vocals)

Jonny is famous for touring with L a d y  G a g a  (and just played the SUPERBOWL with her), Wiz khalifa, Jhene Aiko, Miley Cyrus, and others, as well as being the Musical Director for The Weeknd and Juicy J. Although, now he is doing his own thing with the rest of Lady Gaga’s band and they are called Jonny Goood & The Triple O’s. Jonny plays bass and raps.

Jonny and the band are currently on tour with Lady Gaga, and will be routing through Toronto, all set to play The Painted Lady on September 5th.



Their musical and artistic experiences are as vast and expansive as the influences that inspire them. Nicholas is a former member of the seminal hip-hop collective “da Grass Roots” and has created soundscapes for both theatre and film. Rosina has supported many of Toronto’s local music and activist scenes, and is well known as an effective community animator.

LAL’s music relentlessly cuts deep, and explores the deepest of grooves. Solidifying a persistent theme throughout their evolution – fairness will prevail. To their credit is a discography which includes albums, EP’s, 12 inches and a host of global remixes. They’ve supported a multitude of arts-based projects, artists, organizations and musicians; all connected and committed to the manifestation of peace and justice for all.


Dammien Alexander

Melodic and raw Dammien Alexander draws his inspiration from the sounds of the soul of the city. In the last two years Alexander has taken his signature “alternative urban” stylings to 7 countries, while recording his latest offering “Love + Infinity” in both Halifax NS and Venice Beach CA. Love + Infinity is available now on Itunes and Spotify.