Started in 2000, N.O.A.H. helps take care of kids who’s parents have died of AIDS. Food, shelter, clothing, toys, books, schooling, community support, and above all, love, are all areas that are addressed.

In 2004, Nicky and Sam, the proprietors of The Painted Lady,  held the 1st ever fundraiser in North America for N.O.A.H. $5000 was raised and all proceeds were sent to support the kids.

In 2006, spearheaded by Nicky,  Friends of NOAH Canada (FONC) was organised, and the first ever FONC fundraiser came together with great success. Since then, a fundraiser has taken place every year with the help and support of an increasing number of caring individuals.

FONC over the last several years has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the kids. And unlike some charities, the lion’s share goes directly to the kids and not to fund some bloated and antiquated infrastructure that keeps less than dynamic, and sometimes unscrupulous, people employed.

We say this not to indict any specific organization, but maintain that not all charities are the same, neither ethically, nor in terms of fiscal responsibility. Moreover, we all work hard to make a living, and when we each take the time and consideration to contribute to a good cause, we should know how the funds are actually being spent.  We have that right. Ask to see FONC’s books. Transparency is a founding principle and mandate. This is a real deal charity for an excellent, and an all-too-real cause. Every little bit counts, and your help DOES make a very real, positive difference to a child’s life.

Please know as well, since 2005, FONC has branched out to work with indigenous communities in Canada.

Also know, that as of 2015, Friends of N.O.A.H Canada (FONC) has become CHILDHOOD NOW.

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