“Our focus with ‘The Discovery Series’ has always been on songs, first and foremost. And second to that would be the spotlight – that is, whether the artist is ready for it… That’s a lot right there in those two things.”

 ~ Music + Sound, The Painted Lady ~


The Painted Lady and CMW are officially partnered once again to bring you the 2018 Discovery Series. This is an important series that is a carefully curated preview of select Toronto and GTA based artists that have been invited to perform at CMW 2018.




“Grungy and melodic, tight and intensely raw – verging on rage – Bike Thiefs are a smart Indie Rock band that alternate blistering guitar with incisive, razor-sharp lyrics, and choruses that hook you. Their artistry is a balancing act that tackles some of the more insidious aspects of life with a brand of wryness all their own. Seriously – they’re a blast! They deserve your attention right now.”

~ Music + Sound, The Painted Lady ~



Some of you may know Jae Ari from Much Music’s RapCity, where his slaying of Emcees earned him a place in that show’s Hall of Fame. In 2015, Ari won HipHop Artist of the Year at the NMAs. In 2016, he earned nominations from both the Toronto Independent Music Awards and the Niagara Music Awards. He’s garnered celebrity co-signs by American director/actor Michael Rapaport, Canadian icon and Legendary MC Michie Mee, and Shady Records DJ Young Mase. His single ‘New Day’ is currently in rotation on Canada’s only urban commercial radio station, G98.7FM.

“Jae Ari is truly a heavy-weight Hip Hop champion Emcee. He has a jaw-dropping, lightning-quick ability to translate thought into word on the spot. And his lucid flow and solid groove are a winning one-two punch. His songs overflow with provocative ideas, and his words stick with you, and work on your mind. Listen carefully…”

~ Music + Sound, The Painted Lady ~



Claire brings a perfect storm of vocal ability, magnetic presence and sheer confidence. Watching her perform is mesmerizing; influenced by the artistry of Amy Winehouse, Erykah Badu, Little Dragon and Grimes…

“Claire has a deep well of soulful songs that make you feel warm and light, and by turns, put you at ease, yet leave you buzzing with energy, as if you were riding a magical cloud over everything there is. But they prick your consciousness as well, for underneath all this is a strong mind, and a facility with words that further puts her message across. You realize with Claire, that the well opens up into an ocean. Do your heart and mind a favour, and take the time to dive deep into her work. There’s alot of treasure there.”

~ Music + Sound, The Painted Lady ~


~ APRIL 11th SHOWCASE ARTISTS’ precis coming soon ~