We are told over and over that The Painted Lady has an ultra warm, super unique, electrically-charged vibe about her, and that she makes people feel sooooo good!

All great things to hear. Thank you all for the kind words. We Rock’n’Roll  seven days a week here, and we appreciate the good vibes coming back at us.

The Painted Lady is an original, authentic Toronto establishment with a big, big heart, and a uniquely fine-tuned vision. Though the vision for The Lady was crystalized many moons ago, in another city, and in another country – in another galaxy in fact – she came to life on Ossington Ave. at the corner of Dundas Street West in Toronto. Since opening her doors in 2008, she’s been at the forefront of the Ossington scene, and we’ve been residents of Ossington Ave. since some time prior to that.

The Painted Lady is one of the very few Ossington originals, and she is sticking to her original mandate that follows her deep passion for music and art that affect and enlighten the heart and mind. And a key part of that mandate, is spreading her love for great people, and great times!

Come check us out.

And always be well,


The Painted Lady